Subaru and Beatrice initially got a keen antagonistic matchmaking


  • step 1 Emilia
  • dos Satella
  • 3 Rem
  • cuatro Beatrice
  • 5 Ram
  • 6 Puck
  • eight Roswaal L Mathers
  • 8 Otto Suwen
  • nine Garfiel Tinsel


Subaru fell so in love with her at first, mostly due to their as being the basic one to let you know him generosity as he are transferred into the new world. He loyal himself in order to securing the woman long lasting goes wrong with him, regardless of if you to required having to a couple of times return as time passes of the dying. First, she did not comprehend the meaning of their lively teasing together with her, but gradually she nevertheless create mutual feelings getting him plus became envious in the event that she saw their “interest” in other female. Its relationship is one of the fundamental themes of the series and, indeed, the key reason getting Subaru’s innovation due to the fact a single, because the compliment of her, he slowly got rid of their spontaneous identity and learned in order to be more credible, judicious and of good use person than simply how he was in the beginning of the elizabeth the woman knight hence represents this new solid bond out of trust this lady has arranged toward your.


Satella is just one exactly who granted Subaru Come back from the Passing and you can and stands behind their summoning toward new world. To start with, Subaru harboured serious hate and you may concern towards the Witch but upon in the end conference the woman face-to-face about Witches’ Tea party and you may visiting know this lady extreme attitude with Carmilla’s Authority from Lust, Subaru promised the lady this package date he’ll see their and you may save this lady no matter what, even after Satella’s first demand so you’re able to eliminate their. Throughout the prologue of the 9th regularity, Subaru suggests mutual and you may severe emotions having Satella and that gradually turned into towards the (and was basically revealed) because representing each one of the 7 fatal sins, starting from sloth and you can ending having jealousy.

Because the already mentioned, The fresh Witch from Envy supports Subaru’s Go back from the Demise. Of course Subaru trips “the pledge”, Satella preforms some type of punishment, sometimes because of the crushing their cardio or (from inside the very unusual period), crushing the fresh new hearts of men and women the guy cares one of the popular. Inside the arch six, Satella repeatedly was the cause of depletion of the Pleiades Watchtower and you may slain men and women inside, provided Louis Arneb was latched to Subaru.

Once 1st getting started to the a detrimental base, Rem fundamentally concerns be seduced by Subaru immediately after he turns out psychologically and you may individually preserving the lady in situations of the 2nd arch, where after she first started dedicating by herself in order to your. Just after she admitted and you will acquired more a part of their center just after her several efforts to support him on 3rd arc. Subaru actually accessible to capture Rem because the woman next girlfriend, however, only when Emilia would allow it. In the last arch, the guy admitted in order to Emilia one to one another the lady and you may Rem are particularly dear to your, although Emilia nonetheless stays basic getting your. Subaru is actually heartbroken to find out that Rem had dropped to the a hibernation-like county hence not really their Go back by the Demise you’ll save yourself her. not, he forced pass understanding that would have been what Rem manage enjoys need your to complete as well as in new vow he can one big date totally free Rem of this lady slumber.


Subaru’s personality have a tendency to aggravated Beatrice, leading the girl to help you constantly mock and you will insult him. Subaru however began to rely on Beatrice to own training and you will pointers and exclaimed how personal he is. Whenever you are Beatrice’s procedures had required this new relationship are you to definitely-sided, she did to some degree maintained Subaru as she healed him away from their curse and foretold him about their dying and you can just how he might cure it. She willingly generated the fresh new bargain to safeguard him regarding any possible risks so you’re able to his life and you will defended him off Ram and you may Roswaal’s symptoms post Rem’s dying. Immediately following she turned into their Soul lover, she arrived at open in order to him.

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