Kallen does not have an effective experience of her parents since of this lady brother’s heartbreaking demise

Tsunade commits so you’re able to securing Konoha and its villagers, and you can this woman is in a position not to ever free actually her own life for this community as well as partners if necessary. Some individuals believe Tsunade is not a beneficial consummate Hokage given that she gambles and you will beverages, however, she actually is a very tenacious lady as compared to hundred or so males.

From these functions, the woman is waifu point. She lost faith inside the ambitions immediately following Nawaki and you may Dan’s fatalities. She’s got the girl downside; she’s rather dull and you will short-tempered often. She inherited a great vice out of gaming regarding the woman daddy, however, fate usually dealt this lady that have a stroke out of misfortune from inside the playing.

14. Yoko Littner

Yoko wields an array of firearms; she actually is among the many letters within this popular show Gurren Lagann. She generally spends a lot of time-variety sniper rifles such Barrett M82.

Yoko are a handful while you are are calculative, calculated, and you may sensible while having enjoying and you can compassionate inclinations for time family unit members. She has a track record since the a beneficial rifleman which is something to-be pleased with, for certain. Yoko will get moody and you can aggressive more quick matters if you find yourself talking about uncooperative somebody, however, she is level-headed and certainly will handle people situation.

She has breathtaking emerald sight and enough time ponytailed red-colored tresses; she wears a skull direct once the a locks accessory and red chopsticks, and that she used since the a tool. She actually is adult and you will experienced, particularly in commonsense matters.

thirteen. Kallen Kozuki / Kallen Stadtfeld

Kallen Kozuki, which possibly passes the woman mom’s Japanese maiden name, Kallen Stadtfeld, are an effective-willed and you can organization woman. She uses this lady second title at school and many other areas. She actually is half of Uk and 1 / 2 of Japanese.

She is an excellent feisty profile regarding the Code Geass show; ambitious, daring, and you will strenuous. She experienced a harsh time in the lady youth which inspired the girl identity immensely. However, over time, she becomes anything solved. Kallen is really passionate about the reason for Japan’s liberation because the the lady aunt aimed to accomplish this.

She actually is kind-hearted and you will supporting including a fearful combatant. The woman is breathtaking having yubo red hair and you will blue-eyes.

twelve. Marijane Strauss

Marijane Strauss is one of dreadful person which will be called the Demon. That which you and everybody that motions is actually scared off this lady.

She’s got an excellent cheeky throat and you can do disrespect everyone; she’s got a lengthy-lasting struggle with Ezra. The girl decisions either produced their think about by herself given that inhuman, however, all that altered shortly after the woman little sister’s dying. She are a new as well as other individual, and you may she began to end up being calmer and you will been losing the girl magical energies. The newest problem changed the woman, and you may she turned into sweet and kind.

She turned into protective off this lady best friends and you will attempted to cover them at every change, and she turned a maternal figure for everyone, in addition to complete strangers. She has beautiful light tresses one to increases the lady supernatural charm possesses brilliant blue eyes.

eleven. Maki Oze

She knows how to challenge and you will knows most of the vital skills needed in treat as the the woman is military instructed. She works out all day and night which can be really enchanting from the do so. She’s sports and fit. Even when she seems hard and you may strong, she’s got a girly front side, resulting in men and women wanting to manage the girl. She is an impossible woman far away regarding romanticism and you may believes in love initially. This woman is polite and type to help you their fellows.

She’s got a complicated one to her body is muscular and not female, however it is all in the lady brain due to the fact everyone thinks of the girl just like the a pleasant girl. She cannot need to hurt somebody and is very unwilling so you’re able to harm people.

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